As we have listened to industrial grade BS over some of the last 6 -7 years, it would be good to move just a wee bit past it by understanding our democracy/republic. The very ones who are targets of the wrath of a sore loser are part of a body that, although needing adjustment only we can bring, are the very ones who do keep us free. Do we really want one supreme leader left unchallenged by our voices? Kings will have their say and only their say. Dictators, a paranoid bunch, will have our guns for they are always looking over their shoulders. Do we really want government to decide who wins elections, who has rights and who does not?

Putting in place people who will nod their heads in agreement is the first step to taking total control. The condemned are the ones who will stand up for this democracy and have and that is why they are terrorized. Authoritarians need total compliance, are we really willing to agree with that? Are we really going to agree that a VP should be hanged for following verbatim our Constitution? Will we threaten to hang those who pull us out of the ditch we find ourselves in?

Sure we have issues with our government, but it is the fault of all of us, not one person or another. Who among the citizens bothers to volunteer, help a neighbor, sell tickets for a good cause? Those are the ones who will carry this country forward. Being a part of that is incredibly rewarding.

It is high time people take stock of what they want this country to be. The time is upon us to listen to what is really being said and not what we are told is important. It is not our job to enrich the ones who seek to take this country down. It is time to understand what we have to lose. People flee to America because we do have a fair system of election unlike what they are leaving behind, which is absolute rule. Think about it, the only way up is to understand the down.

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