Under Siege

I did not sleep until after 3:00 a.m. Tossing and turning
pinned in last nights time. War erupted, and not just any war, but the very form of government that stands for freedom
and homegrown ideas are in the path.

People mention freedom here, in fact shout it out as if we are
locked up, our voices stimmed. I freely sit here writing for
for anyone who wants to read it; my fingers are not removed.
My mind is free to design what my next day will be; not so in

I watched in real time last night the beginnings of the real
destruction of freedom. The taking of an independent state
by a large army, directed by one man rich beyond belief,
but empty of heart. A man who is indeed not anything he says
he is; he has fooled many to believe he is strong.

Yes, he has computer savvy players whom he unleashes
creating failure in the cyber world. He possesses ingenuity
throwing misinformation out there to his poor subjects, but
you see, a liar can only tell a lie so long before someone
points him out. The liar trips over his own lies, falling flat.

Democracy is being overrun in the Ukraine. The act is not
only despicable, but shows Putins’ weaknesses. He has proved
he is alone, no one has come to his aid. Naked in the underbelly
of life, stooping low in the fog of Moscow. A troll of the underground
rolled up in a cocoon of hate for the huge success Ukraine has

The Russian people are moved and are gathering by the
thousands in the streets defying a man and his punishment
of their brothers and perhaps risking their own lives to stand
arm in arm for democracy they can’t have themselves.

For all our faults the world looked to us to give them direction.
This President worked side by side across the table from
leaders of every country in the free world to punish dictatorship
and support democracy. That is who we are. We work together
in communities across the country to solve problems we don’t
always see eye to eye on, but life is a give and take from marriage
to playground games.

I will sleep more tonight as I see the pushback from the entire world.
I see dog tired humans trying to find the right approach well
into the night. None of this will be easy and may take a long time.
Maybe it will be for naught, but we can no more sit idly by while
watching Brazil, Turkey, and others waking to dictatorship
after a nights sleep in democracy.