For Sale

I was just reading an article/interview on Scaramucci the White House newest employee as the Communications Director. He was covering his tracks of the past few years where he was critical of Trump on all fronts because he was siding with someone else. His new-found loyalty to Trump is suspect on one hand an incredibly disgusting on the other. The idea that he would sell his loyalty to the highest bidder is incomprehensible in my book. Not only that, but if a person took everything Trump said during his candidacy as gospel, Scaramucci is about the seventh Wall Street guy in the White House close to the President and certainly among friends when it comes to billionaires there. Didn’t Trump run on excluding those guys?

This administration seems to attract a lot of this kind of behavior and of course watching from the outside looking in it is easy to see why; money and power are all that matters at the top so why would we expect anything else? The ethics have been thrown out the window as has personal and country loyalty. The current administration has disparaged all three branches of government as well as the military, intelligence folks, and of course the media. For most of that it does not take critical thinking to see why. Jeff Session’s, Trumps biggest supporter has been thrown under the bus for executing his job in a semi-ethical manner. Congressmen Nunes was put upon to somehow cover for Trump by messing with classified documents in the dead of night. Was he paid? A President who threatens a Utah legislator, one of his own party to the point of raising money to defeat him; simply for not supporting a bill? It is my understanding of government that those folks are elected to represent their home district and if a piece of legislation does not do that they certainly have the right to refuse participation in that legislation. Ah well, among other things politics is something Trump knows nothing about, nor does he care to. In fact, some pundits keep saying that ‘he would be damaged politically if’…or ‘it would not be politically practical…’ Trump does not care about politics, he cares about money and power. That is not to say that the little boy still evident in him does not want to be liked or praised for doing good, but caring about how the party does or the country, now that is dreaming.

In my research, which some of you will declare as “fake” I have found that Trump spent years dealing with Russia. Since 1984 to be exact he has traveled to Russia extensively, and willingly or not, over time became embroiled in “deals” with the Russian Mafia, which coincidentally saved his businesses time and again. Ronald Reagan’s administration investigated him for dealings with Russia and money laundering, as has every President since. Most recently Preet Bharara a career Federal Investigator had Trump under scrutiny, and at the time a Russian state-run Bank kept calling Trump Tower. None of this scrutiny was because they wanted to ruin his chances at the Presidency, but because he is not on the up and up. Even without us knowing the finer details of all of that, it is obvious he wants none of us educated on the issue, therefore discrediting the media is useful to him. Discrediting the intelligence community also benefits him because if the American people don’t believe them it makes it harder to come after him, at least in his off-kilter thinking. Firing Comey should have been the first clue for American’s, but some are buying Trump’s statements that somehow a well respected, career intelligence guy is sinister. Bull shit, he has much to hide from Comey and now Mueller who will also be fired right after Sessions replacement is confirmed I am guessing.

It is hard to tell if Russia is simply duping Trump or he owes them “bigly”, either way he seems bent on protecting them at the expense of all of us. The super-rich in Russia came to that end by stealing their country blind and much of the money ended up in this country to be laundered in real estate. Trump Tower and other Trump enterprises were the recipient of much of it and amazingly that money started to flow for him when he was nearly dead broke because he really isn’t much of a businessman. It works like this: the Russian mafia uses the money they get illicitly through Putin’ oil deals or Mafia drug sales to buy condo’s and homes from Trump businesses for extremely over inflated prices allowing them to get rid of the money and in turn he makes huge profits on his sales. It is hard to imagine he is unaware of where the money came from, but let’s say he is. Okay, then he is dumber than a wedge and not in charge as he claims he is. It really is that simple. This information is not speculation…it is a fact that can be looked up in the courthouses near the transactions…some 70 condos in Trump Tower alone were sold to Russians at inflated prices. There was a Trump owned house sold recently to a Russian group that brought double money…he only owned it for a few months. Did he know that was coming so he bought the property because he had knowledge there was money to be laundered? I certainly do not know, but I do know he brags that he is in charge and no one else. I am starting to wonder if this Mexican border closure has a bit to do with Russia as well…if they did not have direct sale drug competition from south America they would stand to make a whole lot more money.

Trump keeps bringing Russia into about any conversation he has. We all know from watching cops and robbers for years on television that often enough the criminal returns to the scene of their crime. As well, we never saw his tax returns and now he is threatening and fuming that the intelligence probe is considering them. It is my bet that his money transactions have been under scrutiny for a very long time and much of what they need for the investigation they already have,

As scary as this Presidency is, I am hopeful that it will make politicians down the road a little more wary of the deals they might become embroiled in. I am optimistic there will be enough souls caught in this dragnet that this government and the business world will run a little cleaner. Lastly, I hope there will be a message to all law makers that this is our government and our country and it is not for sale or trade to anyone.

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