Taking the Bull by the Horns

bull by hornsWell, what can I say, I just do take the bull by the horns often enough. If it needs fixing, I will fix it. If it is stuck I will dislodge it. I am not shy about jumping in with my sleeves rolled up. Many see that as a determent, but I call that an asset from my spot in the Gunnison area.

I have packed mules out in the woods by myself and camped under the stars alone many a night and all of it made me a better person. I am a person who understands that it takes to gather a team of animals or humans. I know inherently how to repair a broken part so it usable again and see the world as something I can fix when it is broken. I am self sufficient, but I understand that the sum of the parts is stronger than the metal they are made of. My life revolves around people and I can lead or follow depending on what the situation calls for, but I am there with my gloves on to take the horns if need be.