There is a strong heritage in this area. Pioneers who came here on foot or horseback stretching back over one hundred years including my own family were destined to keep looking for the best possible place for their family. My Mothers family shown here in Almont in the early 1930’s came from Aspen in 1900. I played in the woodshed in the background of this picture and walked that very ground thousands of times growing up.

My Dad’s family came here in the 1920’s where he and his siblings each contributed to the settling of this area. My Aunt Ruby taught in the one room Paragon school, now at the Pioneer museum, and my uncles laid down roots in Taylor Park and the Gunnison area. My father coupled with my Mother to take over her family business in Almont where they grew the resort business there from a few cabins to a fully equipped RV park, and complete general store and gas station. It was a great place to grow up.

When not helping with chores or cleaning cabins I was off on my horse riding the country around Almont. I combed every inch of it and climbed every hill looking for my place in the scheme of nature and trudging on grounds my ancestors trod. I miss those days in some ways, but I still follow my family’s desire to see what is around the next bend or over the far hill.