Colorado Parks and Wildlife Strategic Plan



Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is forming a long range strategic plan for the state CPW and have on online form for public comment. I am encouraging all those who use trails, hunt, Mt. Bike, horseback ride, ranch, motor sport, etc. to please go online and fill it out. It doesn’t take long and may well shape the future of trails, hunting and fishing.

“CPW’s recently completed State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) documented through a public opinion poll that trails based recreational activities are the most popular outdoor recreational activities in Colorado, totaling 250,000,000 activity days per year by Coloradans alone.”

Maybe CPW should do more toward trails as they pertain to not only hunters and fisherman, but also to big game movement, winter feed grounds and grazing permits and not to mention 250,000,000 regular trail users. I am suggesting they couple with the other agencies to make our trails system the best it can be for wildlife and users of all kinds.

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